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Engineering Club, led by Shane and Peter and supported by Mr. Happer and Issa, is a group of highly independent and self-disciplined students with interests in engineering, design, and science. Each member in the club can come up with his/her own project, like kayak, gunpowder, and crossbow. The club will continue to grow, with more equipment and manpower. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join this club. Mandatory meetings are on Wednesday lunch at 1:10pm in L309-B, and optional building times are on Tuesday and Thursday after school in the same location.

Details of projects can be found in the wiki's projects or weekly updates (more frequently used).

How to Join Engineering Club

To join Engineering Club, please contact any of the administrators, whose contact information is shown at the end of this page. You may contact us by email, phone, or in person.

In five business days, we will notify you whether you are eligible.

Once you have received our message, you may start attending the Wednesday weekly meetings. We will provide you with New Member Package™ on your first meeting.

Two major publications, written by Shane

Engineering Club Training Manual discusses in detail the rules and recommendations regarding the operation of the club.
Engineering Club Weekly Updates discuss in detail members' projects and special news. It is designed to aid club members to share and collaborate during Wednesday lunch meetings.

About the members and projects

Club Dedication Index (CDI) measures each member's level of dedication. To see the mechanics of CDI and the members' CDI levels, click here.
About Members lists the members and their projects. (The weekly update contains details of each member's progress in a project.)
Projects on Demand allows non-members to request Engineering Club members to build a project.

April 17 Group Picture.JPG
Engineering Club members, Apr. 17 2013. From left to right:
(4th row, 9th grade) Jake Lee, Kyle McGinley, Byron Dolon, Mikas Hansen, Leo Sandri, Russel Pecka, James Wu
(3rd row, 10th grade) Edward Liu, Cindy Ling, Seok Hoon Kim, James Zhang, Eugene Pang, Ben Guo
(2nd row, 11th/12th grade) Ryan Yu, Michael Chang, Hero Endo, Nicholas Lim, Michael Dong
(1st row, administration) Mr. Happer, Shane Oh, Peter Wan, Issa Takada.


new hiearchy.jpg
CEO: Shane Oh
COO: Peter Wan
Secretary: Issa Takada
CCO: Shane Oh
CFO: Issa Takada
CPO: to be appointed
CMO: to be appointed

Engineering Club is officially recognized as a SAS Pudong Club as of November 22, 2012 (coincidentally Thanksgiving day)

Club Principles

To learn about the club principles and guidelines for projects, read the Engineering Club Training Manual and visit club policies page.

Club Statistics

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Contact Information

Shane Oh, CEO/CCO shaneoh3@gmail.com
Peter Wan, COO pwan96@gmail.com
Issa Takada, Secretary/CFO issatakada@mac.com
Mr. Happer, Club Sponsor James.Happer@saschina.org

L309-B, Shanghai Links Executive Community, 1600 Lingbai Road, Sanjiagang, Pudong, Shanghai, China 201201.
Tel. +86 6221-1445 ext. 5162 (Mr. Happer)