CDI (Club Dedication Index)
New System: CDI Starting today (Jan 30, 2013), we’re implementing a new system called CDI (Club Dedication Index) to monitor the level of participation for each member.

The formula for CDI is as follows: 100 + 2.5×[#Attendance] – 5×[#Unexcused absence] + 20×[#Large project] + 10×[#Medium project] + 5×[#Small project] + [Attitude points] + [Extra points]

Basically, members will be awarded points on attendances, projects, and attitudes. Members will be deducted points based on unexcused absences. Attitude points are based on creativity, interest, and behavior. Note that attitude points may be negative. Extra points of 50 will be given to leaders, and 25 to the secretary.

For now, CDI is just a test: it’s for the benefit of the club. Hopefully, it may encourage members to become more active. A member who has a CDI over 150 points will be awarded a certificate.

The CDI system has been slightly modified to adjust for ever-growing CDI. A CDI deflator will be used (Σcurrent CDI ÷ Σoriginal CDI) to convert nominal CDI to real CDI. The Σoriginal CDI is calculated by summing all CDI levels of the members in the club of a base date. The CDI deflator will reset to 1 in the beginning of each school year.
Adjusted (Real) CDI = (Nominal CDI ÷ CDI deflator)

80 points and 120 points are used as the new threshold. Members may check their CDI on the last page. Leaving members’ record of CDI will be archived and removed from the main editgrid datasheet.

The net welfare of Engineering Club will be measured by NWI (Net Welfare Index).
Adjusted (Real) NWI = Nominal NWI ÷ CDI deflator = Σcurrent CDI ÷ CDI deflator

Yet another update: We're now using time-adjusted CDI that takes joining date into account. If you are interested in the mathematics of the formula, contact Shane.

This is what CDI looks like:
Screen shot 2013-02-01 at 7.26.20 PM.png