Club Policies
Welcome to Engineering Club!

Engineering Club is a place for anybody to plan, construct, and share projects on their own or as a group. Members have created projects like duct-tape kayak, crossbow, and mood lights.

Members meet every Wednesdays at 1:10 in L309-B, Mr. Happer’s side-room. Main building sessions are Tuesdays and Thursdays after school, but they may also work any other time.

All members must fill out the member information survey, and release of liability, waiver of claims, assumption of risks and indemnity agreement form (both documents will be given during weekly meeting).


Shane Oh, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Communication Officer (
Peter Wan, Chief Operations Officer (
Issa Takada, Secretary and Chief Finance Officer (


(Can also be found inside storage room)

Shane, the CCO, writes:
  • Engineering Club Training Manual []: discusses in detail the rules and recommendations regarding the operation of the club.
  • Engineering Club Weekly Updates []: discuss in detail members' projects and special news. It is designed to aid club members to share and collaborate during Wednesday lunch meetings.

Please read these documents to learn about Engineering Club.


To join the club, please contact any of the administrators, either by e-mail or in person. You will be notified whether you are admitted into the club in 2 business days. After you are admitted, please fill out the member information survey.


You must have an active project every week. You may work on your projects during after-school building sessions or any other time. Any new projects must be reviewed by the administration.

A progress report must be sent to the CCO ( every week by Tuesday 11:00pm, so that the weekly update can be written. If there has been no progress, please state it. Please note that you may not have “no progress” for four consecutive weeks, and must complete a project every semester.


  • Weekly meetings (mandatory) are Wednesday during lunch (1:10-)
  • Building sessions (optional) are Tuesday and Thursday after school (3:00-5:15)
  • Progress reports are due Tuesday 11:00pm every week.
  • You may not have no progress for four consecutive weeks, and must complete a project every semester.
  • Club Dedication Index (CDI) system will be used to monitor each member’s efforts. (
  • All members must join the engineering club website (
  • The weekly updates and training manual will be uploaded to the club website.