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Welcome to the Guest Zone! This page is a place for non-members to discuss and suggest ideas to Engineering Club.

Here are some things to note when using the discussion forums:
  • Topics and comments, once posted, cannot be edited nor deleted once you have submitted it. Organizers can delete, but not edit, posts.
  • Topics cannot be "pinned"; all topics will be pushed down by newer topics over time. If you wish to keep a notice up within the forums, you may edit the wiki page itself.
  • Topics won't go back to the top if you post a reply. If you want to keep tabs on a certain topic, use the "manage" option (see below). Topics will be pushed back to the top once if you post a reply. The "manage" option is still a good way to keep track of a topic, though (see below).
  • When you enter a thread, you'll find an option to "manage" a topic (found in the replying section). This option enabled you to receive notifications on that thread. (You don't have to post a reply to enable this; you can just check the box and close the tab/window.)

At the moment, all topics are welcome in the forums (please do try to keep topics related to the club however).

New topics can only be created through the topic list page. You can access it by clicking here.