2010 - 2011: Vas and Heid Industries


The roots of Engineering Club can be traced back to 2011, to a physics class project constructed by Shane Oh and David Zhao. The two man group, who called themselves Vas and Heid Industries, created the first project recorded in our log: a pneumatic air cannon. The cannon was terrifyingly powerful, and instantly became infamous for shattering a window with its projectile.
The main extracurricular activities in L309 at this time, however, were Chess Club and Robotics Club. Both of these teams made significant achievements this year: Chess Club obtained 4 trophies from a tournament in Suzhou, while both of two Robotics Club teams earned awards also at the FIRST Tech Challenge.

2011 - 2012: Weapons Club


Chess Club and Robotics Club continue to dominate L309—chess during lunch, and robotics after school. Meanwhile, Shane and Peter Wan (from the same physics class) begin to make use of L309-B, the storage room located in the back of L309 (and unofficially dubbed the Mancave). Continuing from Vas and Heid, Shane and Peter establish an unofficial Weapons Club under the supervision of physics teacher James Happer, and begin constructing simple but effective pieces of weaponry.

Shane, who is also a member of the Robotics Club team G2Tech, actively advocates the use of the space inside L309-B for purposes other than storing various equipment and supplies for Robotics Club as well; eventually, L309 becomes a popular room for having breaks or holding small team meetings. Several Robotics Club members (Nicholas Lim, Cindy Ling, Issa Takada) further decide to join Weapons Club toward the second half of the school year.

^L309-B, March 2012.

^Robotics Club team G2Tech holding a meeting inside L309-B, March 2012.

^Nicholas Lim making use of the designated resting area, March 2012.

2012 - 2013: Engineering Club (Unofficial)

April 17 Group Picture 2.JPG

Weapons Club is renamed Engineering Club for the sake of maintaining a healthy reputation. Though still unofficial as a club itself, sponsor James Happer allows Engineering Club to officially function as a subordinate to Robotics Club, allowing Engineering Club to still advertise itself during club introductions.

Engineering Club rapidly gains notability for constructing various mechanisms, including a kayak that was featured on the school magazine, the Eagle. On November 22, Engineering Club finally becomes an official school-sponsored club, independent from Robotics Club.

Massive self-made reforms were made to L309-B, which practically transformed the room into an Engineering Club headquarters with a small space designated for Robotics Club storage.

^Engineering Club activity, April 2013.

^L309-B during the construction of the kayak, August 2012.

^Chess Club in L309 in the meanwhile enters a golden age as the go-to hangout club during lunch, March 2013.

^L309-B after reform, April 2013.

2013 - 2014: Engineering Club (Official)


Engineering Club enters its first full year as an official club, and surprisingly becomes incredibly popular. New executives Collin Bauer and Jason Zhou are introduced to accommodate for the larger member count and needs of the organization. Engineering Club also begins to communicate with the rest of the school, through collaborative projects with other clubs and a Project-on-Demand system with school individuals.

^Weekly meeting, February 2014.

^Chess Club continues to flourish until the restoration of the 3rd floor couch area (dubbed the Baron Yan Area or BYA), August 2013.