Before you read: this gun is a model ONLY. It does NOT shoot, and the sole purpose of this project is to further investigate the internal workings of a gun.

After making some batches of black powder for a chemistry lab, I decided to make a model of a bolt-action gun that shows the internal workings of a gun. I have always wanted to make a gun. This project will help me better understand the internal workings of modern firearms.

To start with, I first made the stock with two separate pieces of wood. Then, I used a hollow metal tube to represent the barrel. I used a magnet and a plastic piece from a shampoo bottle to represent the sights. At that time, it was only the aesthetics of the gun I have created.

Photo on 2012-05-30 at 13.29 #4.jpg

As you can see, the gun looks real. However, it was the inside of the gun that I wanted to work on, not the outside. So I started researching how bolt action rifles work. I first carved out a small portion of the barrel so that i could insert ammunition (fake). Then I made a bolt group and a firing pin to be inserted in the barrel.

Later research has shown that my design of the gun was not a very good one. Therefore, I redesigned the entire gun, which replaced the barrel with pvc with smaller dimension, included a firing chamber, and replaced the bolt block into a better one.

I started to implement the new design by carving the stock into a more realistic one.

Saturday, Sep 8
I made a paper model of the firing mechanism.
-----------barrel--------------bullet--------------bp------------------bolt block--------------------firing pin block----------spring------------------------------------end cap-

Monday, Sep 24
During last weekend I worked on the gun: staining the wood, carving the wood to fit in the trigger, making the firing mechanism work.

Here is the final product:
Screen shot 2012-09-23 at 7.38.34 PM.png
(masking tape will be replaced by epoxy later)
Screen shot 2012-09-23 at 7.38.20 PM.png

For my english class, I used the gun to explain the symbolism and theme in George Orwell's short story "Shooting an elephant".

Here is my lab report for black powder experiment.
Shane Oh BP Experiment

I wrote up an investigation report for NHSJS (national high school journal of science). Here's a pdf preview - the article is still being examined by the committee.