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General Information (Read Engineering Club Essentials)
-Meetings: Wednesday lunch (1:10 - 1:20) in Mr. Happer's room (L309)
-Building sessions: Tuesday and Thursday after school (3:00~) in Mr. Happer's room-Progress reports are due Tuesday 11:00pm every week.-You may not have no progress for four consecutive weeks, and must complete a project every semester.-Please bookmark this wiki so that you don't lose the address.

IMG_2243.JPGContact Information
Shane Oh Leader & Communication shaneoh3@gmail.com
Peter Wan Operations pwan96@gmail.com
Issa Takada Financial & Secretary issatakada@mac.com
Collin Bauer Product collin01pd2015@sasstudent.org
Jason Zhou Marketing jasonturtle12@gmail.com
Mr. Happer Sponsor James.Happer@saschina.org

L309-B, Shanghai Links Executive Community, 1600 Lingbai Road, Sanjiagang, Pudong, Shanghai, China 201201.
Tel. +86 6221-1445 ext. 5162 (Mr. Happer)

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